Over The Ash Tree

by David Woodgett

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released August 18, 2015



all rights reserved


David Woodgett Douglas, Isle of Man

Dave Woodgett is a 23 year old musician from Norwich.

After recently moving to the Isle of Man, "Over The Ash Tree" was recorded on the stage of a local music venue co-founded by Woodgett, taking influence from La Hell Gang, Other Lives and Ty Segall .

"Over The Ash Tree" is the rocking waves and the deep ocean carrying a stranger who is searching for adventure and finds more.
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Track Name: Weight In Gold
The ground where they made that stand
The spine of a martyred man

Is worth its weight in gold

You chose to hit this road
When there’s some which don’t go this slow

That’s worth its weight in gold

The wild goes to drown the fire
It won’t lose the heat or the light

It’s worth its weight in gold

The tide is coming in fast
He tries to grasp it with two hands

It’s worth its weight in gold
Track Name: The Hourglass (Buried In The Sand)
In the path of a one man band
At the gates of a different land
In the half light
In the afterlife
In the last tide
In the shaking hand
Holding the knife that tore through the seal
It’s a real deal
Holy field
You’re meant to be the one
but you got it wrong
Is that why it’s been so long
Buried in the sand

The Hour glass is running out of sand
The hour glass is running who I am

We go down in perfect weather
towards the flag at the starting line
The way lost and the horse untethered
were still wading in the river’s side
I couldn’t sleep but everyone went up
I just listened then the sun came up
I could see forever
With the best song ever

Buried in the sand
Track Name: Ripple
The rain had sunk the grass
and played the roof like brass
You saw in slow motion
his jaw drop to the bottom of the ocean

You run to the top
and out ran him
rolling down the hill
in worn out denim
It’s dark by the border
Finger on the flash
and light up the water

Before you never knew him from Adam
Now it would be easier to split the atom
That day you made a ripple for the first time
Now ride the wave that will never reach the coastline